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New lifts and piste dimensions
Gletscherjet 3 + 4

New lifts and piste dimensions Gletscherjet 3 + 4

New "Main Artery" on the Kitzsteinhorn

Austria´s first glacial skiing area was opened, with frontier spirit and courage, on the Kitzsteinhorn in 1965. In autumn 2015, the Kapruner Gletscherbahnen will prove its pioneer spirit once again, at its 50th anniversary. With the new Gletscherjet 3 and 4 lift axis the glacier will be reached even faster and more directly, the whole year through. Thus, the central glacial skiing area will be completely restructured. Wide pistes with new dimensions will open up for winter athletes and for summer guests new experiences will be possible through the “Round Trip” to the Gipfelwelt 3000.

  • Faster time to the glacier and to the Gipfelwelt 3000
  • Maximum comfort
  • Larger, wider piste areas
  • More attractive for families and winter sport beginners
  • Optimal wind- and weather protection

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Facts Gletscherjet 3 + 4

Faster and with more comfort to the glacier

The Gletscherjet 3 combi-lift starts at the Alpincenter. The 10 person cabins offer optimal weather protection and the 8-seater heated chairlift is perfect for repeat runs by all winter athletes. Transit right through to the Gletscherjet 4 is also possible with the cabins. The Gletscherjet 4, a gondola lift with cabins for 10 persons, floats high over the Schmiedingerkees glacier to the foot of the Kitzsteinhorn summit - nearly 3.000 meters above sea level.

New structuring creates new variants and possibilities on the glacier

The new lift axis will substantially alter the central skiing area of the glacier. It replaces the Gratbahn; the Kitz- and Kees-drag lifts will be combined into a double drag lift and the Magnetköpfl lifts on the glacial plateau will be newly placed. A new beginner´s lift, near the Gletscherjet 3 and 4 middle station, will further upgrade the glacier skiing area. The glacial slopes will be wider and more open with this new structuring, and even more
attractive for children and beginners.

New glacial roundtrip

With the Gipfelwelt 3000 the Kitzsteinhorn established an unique tourist attraction in the Alps, in the shortest time. The impressive ride up to 3.000 meters with the Gipfelbahn, and over the highest cable car tower in the world, will be enriched by another facet with the Gletscherjet 3 and 4. A “Glacial Round Trip“ around the Gipfelwelt 3000, will be made possible by the new lifts and the new “Barbara Tunnel“ – which joins the top station of the Gletscherjet 4 with the Gletscher Shuttle – subsequently new summer and all year round
activities and adventures will follow.