The Kitzsteinhorn

Glacier Park

open again from approx. mid of october 2014
Glacier Park
Setup Glacier Park

Easy Line

• Straight Box 3m
• Easy Tube 4m
• Buter Box straight 6m
• Kicker 2-4m
• Kicker 4-6m
• Mega Rainbow Box 12m


• Stairset with Tube 6m and Industry Donkey 7m
• The Beast  Multi Elbow Kink 16m
• Downrail 5m
• Single Bar down 10m
• Up Tube 6m
• Down Tube 6m
• Down Flat Down 4/2/6m
• Special Feature(creative obstacle which will be changed a few times)
• Up Rail 7m


• Medium Kicker Line (6-8 / 8-10m)
• Pro Kicker (13-15m)

Status 4.12.2013

The Glacier Park offers a fine diversity of lines for beginners & advanced and is open again from approx. mid of october 2014

Easy Park

open again from approx. beginning/mid of december 2014
Easy Park
Setup Easy Park

Slope Style Line

  • Spine
  • Downrail 5m
  • Kicker 8m
  • Kicker 13m

Easy Kicker Line

  • Kicker 2m
  • Kicker 3m
  • Kicker 4m

Easy Line

  • 6m straight tube
  • 6m Butter Kicker
  • 3m Straight Box to 6m butter down
  • 3m Butter Rainbow
  • 4m Up Tube
  • 6m Butter Straight
  • 4m Straight Rail
  • Miniquarter

Jib Line

  • Mini Staircase mit 6m Down Tube and 6m Down Rail
  • 9m Single Bar down Rail
  • 5m Single Bar Straight Rail
  • Wallride
  • Quarter feat. Megapole & Hightubes
Status 20.03.2014

Freestyle beginners and kids will be happy in the three lines of the Easy Park. The upper jib line presents a step-up special feature and two kickers of 8 and 13 metres for advanced learners. The bottom half, with various rails, tubes, a wall ride and a multi-obstacle are ready to be ripped. In addition, there’s a line with four different boxes and an easy kicker line with three mellow jumps, specifically designed for beginners (2, 4 and 6 metres).

Central Park

open again from approx. mid/end of december 2014
Central Park
Setup Central Park

Jib line
- 8m Down Flat Down
- 6m Gap into down tube
- 8m Curved Rail
- 12m Low Tank
- 6m fat tube

Medium line
- Kicker 8m
- Kicker 13m

Pro line
- Kicker 18m

Status 24.02.2014

Central Park is the place to be for all intermediates and pros. A medium line, a pro line and a jib line are all ready to be rocked. The medium line includes three jib features and two kickers of 8 and 14 metres. The pro line offers two jib features and two kickers of 18 and 20 metres. The creatively designed jib line weaves all across the park with special features such as A-frame box or wallride.


open again from approx. mid/end of december 2014
Setup Superpipe
  • length: 160 m
  • height: 22 feet
Status 18.3.2013

Railgarden Lechnerberg

open again from approx. mid of december 2014
Railgarden Lechnerberg
Setup Railgarden Lechnerberg
  • Baby Flat Box 3m
  • Baby Flat-Down Box 3m
  • Baby Rainbow Box
  • Flat Rail 3m
  • Down Rail 4m
  • Flat-Down Box 6m
  • Butter-Up Box 3m
  • Butter Elephant 6m
  • Down Rail 7m
  • Down Tube 6m
  • Butter Wave Box 6m
  • Up Box 9m
  • Wave track
Status 29.1.2013

Railgarden Lechnerberg in the centre of Kaprun additionally provides lots of freestyle fun – the ideal location for relaxing sundown sessions.