The Kitzsteinhorn

Central Park

Central Park
Setup 2016/17
  • Flat industrial 6m
  • S Rail 12m
  • Fat tube 6m
  • Double kinked rail 10m
  • Kicker 6m
  • Beast rail (elbow A-frame)
  • Lollypop
  • Shootout rail 5m
  • Kicker 10m
  • Kicker 12m
  • Pro Kicker 20m
  • Wallride 6m to downtube 5m
  • Quarter tube
  • Mail Box Down 10m
  • Up to Down Tube 6m 6m
  • Hip with fat tube 8m
Status 18.01.2017

Central Park is the place to be for all intermediates and pros. A medium line, a pro line and a jib line are all ready to be rocked. The medium line includes three jib features and two kickers of 8 and 14 metres. The pro line offers two jib features and two kickers of 18 and 20 metres. The creatively designed jib line weaves all across the park with special features such as A-frame box or wallride.