• „Noch ist Zeit!“, erinnert die Sanduhr des Künstlers Max Seibald im ICE CAMP am Kitzsteinhorn. Besucher können die durch Lichtinszenierung perfekt präsentierte Kunstinstallation zum Thema „Menschenzeit“ hautnah erleben.  | © Kitzsteinhorn / Alex Papis ©Kitzsteinhorn / Alex Papis

From Ice Age to the Age of Humanity

The clock is striking 13! ICE CAMP is being held on the Kitzsteinhorn for the 13th time and features an installation by East Tyrolean artist Max Seibald, as well as the new Audi S4 Avant quattro and a chic, stylish Ice Bar – all housed in three magnificent igloos made of glacier ice and snow.

ICE CAMP is located on a sunny plateau at 2600 m above sea level, in the middle of the glacier ski area on the Kitzsteinhorn. For 13 years now, its handmade ice domes have been an irresistible magnet for visiting skiers, snowboarders and snowshoers. That said, time is relative – what are 13 years in comparison to the whole history of humanity? And it is precisely that vast swath of human history, known as the Anthropocene era, to which this icy art project is dedicated in 2019.

The Anthropocene – open-ended

In the first igloo, three hourglasses shaped out of ice symbolize the passage of various epochs: Two oversized hourglasses that have already run out represent the Geological Age and the Post-Glacial Age. Another small one, with the grains still running through it, stands for the human era. Ice artist Max Seibald explains: “The Anthropocene is characterized by human influences. When this era actually ends remains an open question. Humanity has the power in its own hand to determine the ultimate outcome.” Light designer Chris Geissler is of the same opinion: “The hourglass of the human era hasn’t yet run out. Within each of us, we have the power to make changes. The impressive video projected on the ceiling of the ice igloo, in combination with icy light objects, is a call to act, simultaneously creating space for interpretation and reflection.” The video is on loan from museo CCCB in Barcelona, which also showed its first-ever exhibition on the Anthropocene theme just last year.

Icy and stylishly square

In the second igloo, colorful cubes of ice serve as veritable icebreakers for a cozy chat or a more “serious” flirt at the Ice Bar. Cut out of real glacier ice, these icy cubes serve as furniture amid the cool, sophisticated atmosphere of the Ice Bar. If you prefer to top up your Vitamin-D tank, there is nowhere better than the sundeck out in front of the three ice igloos. Chillin’ to music and stretched out on your chair, you can gaze out at the freestylers in the snowpark or contemplate your own place in human history, indulging yourself in gastronomic snacks along with the imposing sight of the summit of the Kitzsteinhorn.  

Strong Performance – icily presented

The motorized age constitutes a relatively small fragment of Anthropocene time. Which makes the masterful high-tech performance of the fiery red Audi S4 Avant quattro in the “Audi Showroom” even more fascinating. With its newly developed turbo V-6 engine, a “virtual cockpit” and a Tiptronic 8-speed transmission, the Audi S4 Avant quattro puts 354 hp on the road. Here, in the third igloo of the ICE CAMP, you can quietly marvel at the sophisticated technology of this sporty, efficient Audi, presented to perfection on a colorfully illuminated plate of ice. Thanks to the PhotoPoint that has also been installed here, you can pose with the Audi and immediately upload your selfie to your favorite social networks

The making of ICE CAMP.

The rest of East Tyrolean ice sculptor Max Seibald’s team, which includes ICE CAMP master-builder Andy Tremschnig and his partner Chris Geissler, have also done their part to guarantee a punctual start to this year’s ICE CAMP. After a building period lasting several weeks, the three interconnected ice igloos, made from 60 tons of ice and 2500 m³ of snow, while also integrating artful interior design and impressive lighting, were officially presented to the public on the Kitzsteinhorn. The igloos, each 12 m in diameter, are centrally located in the ski area, right next to the pistes as well as the deep-snow hills. Winter hikers can reach the ICE CAMP via a marked trail, on which a guided snowshoe hike is also offered every Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. from the Alpinecenter to the ICE CAMP.

Kitzsteinhorn – the glacier

The Kitzsteinhorn in the Zell am See-Kaprun region is the only glacier ski area in Salzburger Land. At elevations around the 3000 m mark, winter sports fans can count on outstanding snow conditions from October until early summer with 100% certainty. Thanks to the Maiskogel, Kaprun also boasts a second – very family-friendly – ski area, which will now be linked directly to the glacier itself thanks to a generational project. In a first step, in December 2018 the MK Maiskogelbahn, a 10-passenger monocable gondola to the top of the Maiskogel, was opened. One year later, the 3K K-onnection will go into operation. The first tri-cable gondola in Salzburg, it will carry passengers from the Maiskogel straight to the Langwied area on the Kitzsteinhorn. As of December 2019, it will then be possible to reach the mountain station on the Kitzsteinhorn (TOP OF SALZBURG, elev. 3029 m) by means of a string of pearls consisting of six cableways running from the town center of Kaprun (768 m) via the Maiskogel. This 12 km scenic ride will not only be the longest continuous gondola axis, it will also rise the greatest elevation (2261 vertical meters) in the Eastern Alps.

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