The Glacier


Your resort. Your playground.

No matter if you are skier or snowboarder, no matter if rookie or expert: MAPtoSNOW offers you the ultimate mountain experience. Let the game begin! Join our new contests and win cool prizes from the resort and our brand partners.

Selected pins are provided with discounts and gifts. So you get for your athletic performance, for example, a free ski service, a free drink at the cottage or a discount on specific sporting goods.

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Track your skiing activities like speed, altitude, slope or lift kilometers – no permanent internet connection required. Check your current position on the map and see where you have been riding. Just start the Tracker, put your phone in your jacket and enjoy the ride!

Pins & Coupons

Get rewarded with Pins for your sports activities. Ride 10.000 vertical meters to collect the 10.000 Vertical Meters Pin, for example. There are also Pins to unlock on specific daytimes or location-based events. In this resport are 130 Pins to discover -find and collect them all! Some of them are bundled with cool prizes like discounts, little gifts and other surprises by the resort and our cooperation partners. Be prepared for more to come!


Compete against friends and other MAPtoSNOW users. For every Pin you collect you gain points. The more points you get, the higher your ranking is. You’ve also got the chance to win attractive prizes from the resort and our brand partner. Be number one!

Resort & Coupons

Check out what’s happening in this resort right now and find coupons and discounts before you travel to the mountain. See which Pins are still to discover and try to win them.


Use your existing Facebook account to get started immediately. Share your sportive success with friends on Twitter and Facebook and show them which Pins you’ve collected. You decide which postings you want to share. If you don’t like it, you can use MAPtoSNOW without Facebook and Twitter.

Never miss an exclusive contest again and stay informed with the new notification feature. You receive great surprises from your favourite ski resorts. Discounts, coupons or gifts are easily redeemed within the application.

No permanent internet connection required. You can use MAPtoSNOW without having a data plan. Only to view the contest ladders and synchronize your data you need to be online. The Tracker and the Pin-reward system work entirely offline (via GPS).