• The Maiskogel is the ideal ski resort for families and all winter sports fans who appreciate the gentle terrain, local proximity and the cosiness of the traditional huts | © Kitzsteinhorn ©Kitzsteinhorn

The local ski resort for families in Kaprun

A real family mountain

The Maiskogel is the ideal ski resort for families and all winter sports fans who appreciate the gentle terrain, local proximity and the cosiness of the traditional huts. Professional ski schools, ski rental and a generous ski depot at the valley station provide maximal comfort. Maximal fun however is guaranteed at the popular Alpine Coaster „Maisiflitzer“, or at the Fantasy Park.

Skiing operation on Maiskogel again from December 2019.


Project K-onnection

  • NEW from December 2018: Winter sports enthusiasts start their winter sports fun with the new MK Maiskogelbahn, a top-modern10-seater gondola lift, in the heart of Kaprun's centre. The new Stanger intermediate terminus opens a vast area for beginners around the Maisilift. A selection of several pistes is available in the area around the lift.
  • From Kaprun directly to the glacier: The dream of generations in Kaprun will come true in December 2019. The 3K K-onnection, Salzburg's first 3S-cable car, will connect the Maiskogel with the Langwiedboden in the glacier ski resort from December 2019.
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  • Phantasy Park - Fun piste for small  freestylers | © Kitzsteinhorn
Fantasy Park


The Maisi Fantasy Park at the Maiskogel is the ideal springboard for all young freestylers who want to learn tricks in the snow park in a playful way.

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For families & aficionados

The Maiskogel is the right place for families! Young piste munchkins can make their first freestyle attempts on mini obstacles and across little jumps in the Phantasiepark. Wide pistes provide a great overview, a gentle practicing slope with button lift offers the ideal terrain for beginners and cosy huts invite to a well-deserved break after the first turns in the snow.

If you are looking for a fun alternative to the pistes of the Maiskogel, then you will find a cool adventure at the all-year open Maisiflitzer: At the Alpine Coaster – a spectacular alpine roller coaster, you race downhill on rails even in winter.


  • Pistes from 768 m to 1.730 m above sea level
  • 3 cable cars & lifts
  • 20 kilometres of pistes

  • Fantasiepark for freestyle beginners and children
  • Practicing area for kids and beginners at the "Maisilift”
  • Alpine Coaster Maisiflitzer
  • Traditional huts

International piste rules

The ten rules of conduct for alpine skiers have been set out by the International Ski Federation and have become the benchmark for the proper conduct of alpine skiers around the world.

Piste Rules


  1. Keep your eyes open: Look before you ski!
  2. Somewhere else, please: Do not stop at unclear points!
  3. Avoid accidents: Always turn off below a group
  4. Wear a helmet: If you got a brain, protect it!
  5. Keep cool: Open the lift bar only in the marked exit area!
  6. Everything under control: Recklessness goes before the fall.
  7. Breaks: Stopping for breaks increases the skiing fun!
  8. Service: Are your edges and bindings okay?
  9. Stop: Never enter closed off terrain.
  10. Warm up: A bit of warm-up reduces the risk of injuries.


The original FIS piste rules

  • Travel up to the Maiskogel from the centre of Kaprun with the new, enhanced-quality MK Maiskogelbahn. | © Kitzsteinhorn

MK Maiskogelbahn & Kaprun Center

The future starts at the Maiskogel!
NEW: MK Maiskogelbahn with comfortable 10-seater cabins from Kaprun to the Maiskogel top station & the new Kaprun Center – tickets, info, sports shop, ski depot, office.

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Zell am See - Kaprun
Nationalpark Hohe Tauern
Salzburger Land
Österreich - ankommen und aufleben
26.04.2019 Friday 03:46:45
Cable cars & Lifts
  • Gletscherjet 1
  • Panoramabahn
  • Gletscherjet 2
  • Langwiedbahn
  • Gletscherjet 3
  • Gletscherjet 4
  • Gipfelbahn
  • Kristallbahn
  • Schmiedingerbahn
  • Sonnenkarbahn 1
  • Sonnenkarbahn 2
  • Gletschershuttle
  • Magnetköpfllift
  • Kitzlift 1
  • Kitzlift 2
  • Maurerlift
  • Schneehasenlift
  • Maisiflitzer
  • Open again from Dec. 2019
  • 1 Alpincenterpiste
  • 1a Magnetköpflpiste
  • 2 Gletscherseepiste
  • 3a Schmiedingerpiste 1
  • 3b Schmiedingerpiste 2
  • 4a Gletscherpiste 1
  • 4b Gletscherpiste 2
  • 4c Gletscherpiste 3
  • 5a Maurerpiste 1
  • 5b Maurerpiste 2
  • 6 Easy Run
  • 7 Schmiedingerschwung
  • 8b Sonnenkarpiste 2
  • 9 Nordkarpiste
  • 10 Rettenwandpiste 1
  • 10a Rettenwandpiste 2
  • 11 Langwiedpiste
  • 12 Kristallpiste
  • 13 Krefelderpiste
  • 14 Black Mamba
  • 15 Schneehasenpiste
  • Skiing again from Dec. 2019
  • Skiing again from Dec. 2019
Routen & Parks
Freeride Routen
  • X1 Ice Age
  • X2 Westside Story
  • X3 Left Wing
  • X4 Jump Run
  • X5 Pipe Line
Skitouren Routen
  • Skitourenroute Eisbrecher
  • Skitourenroute Schneekönigin
  • Easy Park
  • Central Park
  • Superpipe
  • South Central Park
  • Gipfelwelt 3000
  • Speedcheck
  • Skimovie
  • Eagle Line
  • Gletscherloipe
  • Maisiflitzer
in preparation
26.04.2019 Friday
Snow depth
  • Maiskogel
    1,137 m
    0 cm
  • Langwied
    1,976 m
    100 cm
  • Alpincenter
    2,450 m
    205 cm
  • Glacier
    3,029 m
    330 cm
slightly cloudy
slightly cloudy
  • Maiskogel
    1,137 m
    9 °C
  • Langwied
    1,976 m
    5 °C
  • Alpincenter
    2,450 m
    2 °C
  • Maiskogel
    1,137 m
    6 °C
  • Langwied
    1,976 m
    2 °C
  • Alpincenter
    2,450 m
    -1 °C
Restaurants, Huts & Bars
  • Gipfel Restaurant
  • Alpincenter
  • Gletschermühle
  • Parasol
  • Skyline
  • Kitz 900 m
  • Krefelderhütte
  • Häuslalm
  • Maisi Alm
  • Jausenstation Unteraigen
  • No huts open at the moment.
in preparation