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Freeride XXL

Monday, 18.06.2018

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light rainfall
light rainfall

Freeride Monday

In winter 2015/16 you can experience the fascination of freeriding with technique- and safety tips from professionals.

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Glacier Breakfast

Start the day with vitality: the Kitzsteinhorn restaurant & bars spoil you daily with a generous and varied breakfast.


At sufficient snow conditions
PIEPS Avalanche training center*

The most modern LVS technique coupled with practical management and intensive training

The right conduct on the slope and the correct assessment of the weather and snow conditions are imperative for everyone who skis off-piste.  Everything else is residual risk.  Just in case of the worst-case scenario, one must carry the most modern LVS device to increase one’s chances of survival.

Even today, in our high-tech age, outside help of any kind comes too late for 9 out of 10 avalanche victims. A real chance of survival lies with immediate help from friends in the same group.  They must locate and dig out the avalanche victim within the first 10 – 15 minutes.   Our PIEPS-LVS avalanche search area provides the optimal opportunity to learn to use real LVS devices, to practice successful search strategies and to experience realistic conditions of an “emergency”.  This is then a crucial contribution towards more safety on the mountain!

The facilities on the Kitzsteinhorn are some of the most modern in the world!

This computerised facility is equipped with an easy-to-use touch screen which enables the user to train autonomously at any time. The training results be analysed on the spot or over the internet.

Your training results seen with a click

Check the Avalanche Training Center

The Kitzsteinhorn Avalanche Training Center, for lessons in the use of avalanche beacons, is just above the Alpincenter. Here you can practice using beacons the correct way, under realistic circumstances. The training area is self explanatory, free of charge and without any preperation time.

Where, How, When?

  • Place: 100m above the Alpincenter. Easily reached with skis or board by the Volvo ICE CAMP
  • Price: use of the training area is for free
  • Equipment: take your own beacon and avalanche probe
  • Times: open daily (at sufficient snow conditions) when Kitzsteinhorn is operating


The skischools in Kaprun offer special safety courses.

*Open from 06th of January till mid of April 2017

At sufficient snow conditions  PIEPS Avalanche training center*
At sufficient snow conditions  PIEPS Avalanche training center*