project K-onnection

Cautious handling of natural resources

The generational dream of creating a lift connection between Kaprun’s two ski mountains had existed for decades. After many years spent exploring different options, a decision was made in favor of this particular project, a project that is committed to utmost nature- and environmental conservation.

  • The K-ONNECTION doesn’t involve creating new pistes and it significantly reduces the flow of private vehicles in the Kaprun valley.
  • The whole project was accompanied by the well-respected “Institut für Ökologie Salzburg”.
  • Due to an optimized drive concept and a tri-cable system, the energy consumption of the new 3K K-onnection is around 25% lower compared to other lift systems with a similar passenger capacity.
  • Like all existing gondolas, ski lifts and buildings on the Kitzsteinhorn, the new 3K K-onnection is powered by CO2-neutral, 100% eco-friendly electricity.
  • With photovoltaic systems at Kaprun Center as well as at the mountain and valley stations of the new 3K K-onnection, 50,000 kWh are generated annually. When combined with the pumping station and small power plant which went into operation in 2011/12, that number rises to 1 million kWh per year.
  • Energy-recovery of heat produced by the high-performance motors of the big lifts as well as the kitchens results in annual savings of 200,000 kWh.
  • At Kaprun Center, featuring an innovative overall concept that qualifies the building as a Class A low-energy structure, a further 180,000 kWh of valuable energy resources are saved every single year.
  • Gletscherbahnen Kaprun AG holds triple ISO certification for its quality-, environmental and energy management practices.


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