• 30.11.2019: 3k K-onnection
  • Key Visual 3K K-onnection: Opening 30 November 2019
  • Travel up to the Maiskogel from the centre of Kaprun with the new, enhanced-quality MK Maiskogelbahn. | © Kitzsteinhorn
    NEW: MK Maiskogelbahn
  • The Kaprun Center is the valley terminal of the MK Maiskogel Lift and a service hub with ticket- and informationoffices, a ski depot with up to 2000storage lockers and a modern sports shop. | © Kitzsteinhorn
    New: Kaprun Center

 From 30 November 2019 K-ONNECTED: Kaprun – Kitzsteinhorn


Project K-ONNECTION Kaprun - Maiskogel - Kitzsteinhorn

This gondola link is a long-held dream come true. Directly from the village of Kaprun with the aid of two new gondola lifts, first up the Maiskogel, from there to the Langwiedboden and the very heart of the Kitzsteinhorn glacier ski area! Ski-in-Ski-out, 100% snow guarantee from October until well into springtime, along with a wealth of new opportunities – priceless benefits that further solidify Zell am See-Kaprun’s position as a top destination in the Alps. 

30 November 2019: 3K K-onnection

Since December 2018 Maiskogel Family Mountain offers guests added comfort and convenience, in the form of a 10-passenger gondola known as the MK Maiskogelbahn and the new service hub Kaprun Center.

From 30th of November 2019, an ultra-modern tri-cable gondola, the 3K Kaprun-Kitzsteinhorn-K‑onnection, will link the Maiskogel with the Kitzsteinhorn. 

  • Ski-in-Ski-out directly from the center of Kaprun

  • TWO gateways: Kaprun Center & Gletscherjet valley station

  • New Kaprun Center: ticket windows, sports shop, ski depot

  • Summer experiences on the Maiskogel thanks to the new MK Maiskogelbahn lift

  • Longest lift axis in the Eastern Alps

  • State-of-the-art technology and complete comfort


The direct K-onnection from Kaprun to Kitzsteinhorn

This new link offers guests in Kaprun unsurpassed convenience and comfort plus a ski‑in-ski‑out experience, including the opportunity to ride the lifts from the center of town up the Maiskogel, and from there to the glacier itself, without having to resort to other forms of transportation. The existing lift service provided by the Gletscherjet (valley station located 6 km from town) will continue to be available year-round.

Project Highlights

3k K-onnection

30th November 2019: From Kaprun directly to the Glacier

On 30th of November 2019 the 3K K-onnection will go into operation and will offer ski-in-ski-out from Kaprun to the glacier for the first time. The first tri-cable gondola in Salzburg, it will carry passengers from the Maiskogel straight to the Langwied area on the Kitzsteinhorn. As of 30th of November 2019, it will then be possible to reach the mountain station on the Kitzsteinhorn (TOP OF SALZBURG, elev. 3029 m) by means of a string of pearls consisting of six cableways running from the town center of Kaprun (768 m) via the Maiskogel. This 12 km scenic ride will not only be the longest continuous gondola axis, it will also rise the greatest elevation (2261 vertical meters) in the Eastern Alps.


New Era at the Family Mountain Maiskogel

MK Maiskogelbahn

As of December 2018, the new MK Maiskogelbahn provides a convenient, high-quality link in two sections from the town center of Kaprun (768 m) via the new Stanger mid-station (1137m) to the top of the Maiskogel 1570 m.

The 10-passenger mono-cable gondola is able to transport as many as 2800 people per hour to the top of this family mountain in just 12 minutes. This also offers an ideal connection to the area used by beginners and the ski schools next to the Stanger mid-station, while the option to ride back down to the valley means that skiing operations can begin earlier and continue longer.

Kaprun Center

December 2018 also saw the opening of the new Kaprun Center. This multifunction building puts the ticket windows and corporate offices of Gletscherbahnen Kaprun AG under one roof.

Thanks to a modern ski depot with as many as 2000 storage spaces, guests staying in town can make their way comfortably on foot, by ski shuttle or village bus to the lift station and back to their hotel. Innovative Kaprun business Intersport Bründl also has a presence in the form of a sports & rental shop.



Ein bedeutendes Ereignis: Das 8.600 Meter lange Förderseil der 3K K-onnection wurde (beim  Seilspleißen) zu einer Einheit verbunden.

More summer experiences from Summer 2019

Thanks to the new “MK Maiskogelbahn” the family mountain of Kaprun is easily and conveniently accessible by cable car again from summer 2019.

Opening hours: 25.5. - 29.9.2019, daily 9.00 am - 4.00 pm

With the winter break now over, final construction work on the new 3K K-onnection, Salzburg’s first tri-cable gondola from the Maiskogel to the Kitzsteinhorn, is now underway. The new cabins from renowned lift manufacturer Doppelmayr were presented to the world for the first time at the beginning of May during Interalpin 2019, the leading international trade expo for alpine technologies. The spectacular stringing of cables for the 4.3 km-long lift will happen in summer, as will delivery of the 32 custom-designed cabins. The 3K K-onnection will go into operation in November 2019, connecting what has always belonged together: The town center of Kaprun, Maiskogel family ski area and the Kitzsteinhorn glacier ski area.

The MK Maiskogelbahn and the Kaprun Center were opened officially on December 14, 2018. The Maiskogel family mountain started on December 21, 2018 into the new winter season with maximum comfort and quality.

Construction work on the MK Maiskogelbahn and 3K K‑onnection gondola lifts is progressing rapidly. The installation of pylons for the MK Maiskogelbahn represents a spectacular project milestone: The individual components of the lift pylons are installed by man and helicopter with millimeter precision. The new 10-passenger MK Maiskogelbahn gondola will open in December 2018, right at the same time as the Kaprun Center in the valley terminal.

The construction work of the new cable ways MK Maiskogelbahn and 3K K‑onnection starts on time with April. With it the foundation stone for the project is handed over symbolically. Already in December 2018 the new MK Maiskogelbahn is going to open, together with the central service hub KAPRUN CENTER, situated directly at the valley station of the new cable car. For the project 81.5 million Euros is being invested in total. The Almbahn and the Maisilift remain unchanged.

A long-held dream comes true: The shareholders meetings of the two lift companies of Kaprun have decided on the merger of the Maiskogel Betriebs AG into the Gletscherbahnen Kaprun AG as well as the construction of the gondola link from the center of Kaprun, over the Maiskogel family ski mountain, up to the glacier on the Kitzsteinhorn, with 100% agreement of the shareholders.

The two Kaprun lift companies, Gletscherbahnen Kaprun AG and Maiskogel Betriebs AG, are growing into a single entity. As the first step towards the two companies joining forces, CEOs Norbert Karlsböck and Albert Rattensperger, together with authorized signatory Josef Rumpf, inked merger agreements on 14 August 2017. Also attending this historic signing ceremony: Mayor Manfred Gaßner and both board chairmen, Dr. Arno Gasteiger for Gletscherbahnen Kaprun and Mag. Rudolf Brauer on behalf of Maiskogel Betriebs AG.

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