Scenically unique uphill tour from Kaprun across the Maiskogel to the Alpincenter in 2.450 m | © Kitzsteinhorn / Mia Knoll ©Kitzsteinhorn / Mia Knoll

From the lake to the snow by mountain bike or e-bike

Even the calves of bikers in top form will feel the pain! The 23-kilometre mountain bike tour uphill to the Kitzsteinhorn is a legendary challenge for uphill bikers with a strong stamina. But the delightful and unique scenery on this tour compensates for every bead of sweat on your brow.

From the lush green meadows in the centre of Kaprun, you bike - with or without the support of an electric motor - across the Maiskogel and high alpine terrain uphill to the eternal ice. You start with the best view of the centre of Kaprun via the mountain road to the Stanger station. From there, you pedal steadily uphill to the MK Maiskogelbahn mountain station. If you prefer, you can shorten this XXL tour and take the MK Maiskogelbahn up to 1,570 m. From the mountain station, you first roll along the new 3K K-onnection tour through green alpine pastures down to the quaint Ederalm 1,420 metres above sea level. But from there, it's uphill again - up to the Salzburger Hütte, the oldest building on the Kitzsteinhorn. Via Langwiedboden, the route meanders in sweeping serpentines uphill to the Alpincenter 2,450 m above sea level. Here the terrain is already high alpine and the view of Kaprun and the Zell Basin is particularly impressive.

If the batteries are empty, there is an e-bike charging station at the Alpincenter. And the energy levels of the bikers are also topped up here in the best culinary way. Because after all, you have so far managed 23 kilometres and 1,950 altitude metres already. After a rest with the best view, you can get back on your bike for the return trip to the valley or use the cable cars for a comfortable descent.  

  • Tour starts directly at the Tauernradweg
  • Short version 1: from the MK Maiskogelbahn upper terminus, approx. 12 km, 1,150 altitude metres
  • Short version 2: from the MK Maiskogelbahn Stanger terminus, approx. 16 km, 1,450 altitude metres
  • Bike transport included in the ticket

Mountainbike Routes

Those who want to ride the entire loop tour start the 19.5-km-long trail by the Kaprun Center at the foot of the Maiskogel. 880 Vm run by quaint huts, blooming pastures and through mystic conifer forests.

19.5 km ↑ 880 Vm

Kaprun Center (or MK Maiskogelbahn mid-station)

Kaprun Center

Level medium 

After a relaxing ascent with the MK Maiskogelbahn cable car, the 10.4-km-long route starts at the top station. Bikers reach the Langwiedboden on 1,976 m after an elevation gain of 730 m. And those who still have power in their calves at this point extend the tour to the Gletscherjet 3/4 mid-station.

10.4 km ↑ 732 Vm

MK Maiskogelbahn top station

Kitzsteinhorn: Langwied (1.976 m)

Level medium 

Particularly ambitious bikers start their uphill journey at the Kaprun Center. On approx. 25 km, they conquer demanding 2,180 meters of elevation gain. To shorten the tour, bikers take the MK Maiskogelbahn and/or the 3K K-onnection.

24.9 km ↑ 2,179 Vm

Kaprun Center (or MK Maiskogelbahn mid-station)

Kaprun Center

Level difficult



Biking with pedal power support effortlessly uphill to the Kitzsteinhorn or Maiskogel

Sporty cyclists on E-Bikes conquer the challenging uphill ride to the Kitzsteinhorn or the route to the Maiskogel with supported pedal power. The long routes should only be tackled with a fully charged battery - which is why you will now also find a charging station at the start of the tour, directly at the Maisi Alm. If the battery is running low after the long ascent, the e-bike charging station at the Alpincenter at 2,450 m ensures a fully charged battery and a carefree continuation of the tour. Especially on the long tour to the Kitzsteinhorn, there are a few more altitude metres uphill on the way back to Kaprun, which you can easily manage with a full battery. 

Facts E-Bike charging station

  • Plugs for all commercial models available
  • Only start the tour to the Kitzsteinhorn with a fully charged battery
  • Keep an eye on the charge status of the battery during the tour