• Colourful meadow flowers line the hiking trails and every step is accompanied by spectacular views | © Kitzsteinhorn ©Kitzsteinhorn

Maiskogel family hiking area near Kaprun

You can enjoy a comfortable lift ride up to 1570 m in summer, too, thanks to the MK Maiskogelbahn 10-passenger gondola. The mountain terminal, with its small playground, is a perfect starting point for walks, easy hikes as well as longer tours.

A variety of hiking trails on lush green alpine pastures can be found at the Maiskogel Family Mountain. The tour programme ranges from circular hiking routes with plenty of views to adventurous hiking trails. Hike leisurely to quaint alpine huts with the entire family. Colourful meadow flowers line the hiking trails and every step is accompanied by spectacular views.

Tip for families: Some trails are also suitable for prams.


Please note: The hiking programme is subject to prevailing weather, snow and operating conditions. Information: Kitzsteinhorn InfoService Tel. +43 6547 8621

  • For the first time ever, in summer 2019 the Maiskogel will be reachable by gondola right from the town center of Kaprun itself. This will provide locals and guests with an ideal gateway to the existing hiking and biking trails on Kaprun’s popular family mountain. | © Kitzsteinhorn
MK Maiskogelbahn

Summer experiences at the family mountain

Thanks to the “MK Maiskogelbahn” the family mountain of Kaprun is easily and conveniently accessible by cable car also in summer.

Hiking trails

Hiking trails at the Maiskogel Family Mountain

This hike across alpine pastures to mountain huts is easy, filled with variety and very suitable for families as well as nature lovers.
From the town center of Kaprun, you will first enjoy a comfortable lift ride on the MK Maiskogelbahn up to the Maiskogel mountain terminal at 1570 m. This is where the actual Hut Tour begins.

  • Difficulty: blue/easy
  • Length: 4 km
  • Altitude metres: 130

A pram-friendly path: Start out from the Maiskogel mountain terminal, to the Unterbergalm, the Alpengasthaus Glocknerblick or the Maiskogel Alm Ranch.

Begin at the Schulstrasse, up the mountain along the Schaufelbergstrasse until you reach the cattle gird at the Vorderweissstein. Now turn right to the Stangerbauer cattle gird and right again along the Maiskogel track past the top station of the Alm lift. From here continue ascending past the Maiskogel pump station until you reach the Maiskogel.

  • Difficulty: blue/easy
  • Length: 3 h
  • Altitude metres: 760

A pram-friendly path: From the Schulstrasse Kaprun along the Schaufelbergstrasse to the snack station Unteraigen and back.

Begin opposite the High School and continue along Schaufelbergstrasse until you reach the first bend. Continue straight on to the Ortlehen farm, then right to the farm Vorderweissstein where the route turns off to the right. From here it continues over a stone path, past the top station of the Alm Lift to the Maiskogel track. After approximately 200 m branch off to the left, and after about 150 m take a narrow, marginally steep path off to the right. Now continue ascending in windings through timber forests and small clearings to the Maiskogel track and then left to the Maiskogel.

  • Difficulty: blue/easy
  • Length: 2 h
  • Altitude metres: 760

5) Alexander-Enzinger-path

  • Start: MK Maiskogelbahn mountain station through Glocknerblick hut
  • End: Kitzsteinhorn - Alpincenter (or short version via 5a to Langwied)

14) hiking tour to Piesendorf

  • Start: Unterbergalm hut
  • End: Piesendorf

23) hiking tour to Piesendorf

  • Start: Stanger snack station
  • End: Piesendorf

29) Schneckenreith – Klammsee (lake)

  • Start: MK Maiskogelbahn via Maiskogel Alm Ranch
  • End: Schneckenreith tavern / Klammsee (lake)
Zell am See - Kaprun
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Salzburger Land
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Cable cars & Lifts
  • Gletscherjet 1
  • Panoramabahn
  • Gletscherjet 2
  • Langwiedbahn
  • Gletscherjet 3
  • Gletscherjet 4
  • Gipfelbahn
  • Kristallbahn
  • Schmiedingerbahn
  • Sonnenkarbahn 1
  • Sonnenkarbahn 2
  • Gletschershuttle
  • Magnetköpfllift
  • Kitzlift 1
  • Kitzlift 2
  • Maurerlift
  • Schneehasenlift
  • Open again from mid. May 2021
  • Open again from mid Dec. 2021
  • 1 Alpincenterpiste
  • 1a Magnetköpflpiste
  • 2 Gletscherseepiste
  • 3a Schmiedingerpiste 1
  • 3b Schmiedingerpiste 2
  • 4a Gletscherpiste 1
  • 4b Gletscherpiste 2
  • 4c Gletscherpiste 3
  • 5a Maurerpiste 1
  • 5b Maurerpiste 2
  • 6 Easy Run
  • 7 Schmiedingerschwung
  • 8a Sonnenkarpiste 1
  • 8b Sonnenkarpiste 2
  • 9 Nordkarpiste
  • 10 Rettenwandpiste 1
  • 10a Rettenwandpiste 2
  • 11 Langwiedpiste
  • 12 Kristallpiste
  • 13 Krefelderpiste
  • 14 Black Mamba
  • Open again from December 2021
  • Open again from mid Dec. 2021
Routen & Parks
Freeride Routen
  • X1 Ice Age
  • X2 Westside Story
  • X3 Left Wing
  • X4 Jump Run
  • X5 Pipe Line
Skitouren Routen
  • Skitourenroute Eisbrecher
  • Skitourenroute Schneekönigin
  • Glacier Park
  • Easy Park
  • Central Park
  • Superpipe
  • South Central Park
  • Gipfelwelt 3000
  • Ice Camp
  • Speedcheck Kristallbahn
  • Skimovie Kitzlifte
  • Eagle Line
  • Gletscherloipe
  • Currently closed
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Snow depth
  • Maiskogel
    1,137 m
    0 cm
  • Langwied
    1,976 m
    100 cm
  • Alpincenter
    2,450 m
    245 cm
  • Glacier
    3,029 m
    330 cm
  • Maiskogel
    1,137 m
    1 °C
  • Langwied
    1,976 m
    -4 °C
  • Alpincenter
    2,450 m
    -7 °C
light rain
light rain
  • Maiskogel
    1,137 m
    4 °C
  • Langwied
    1,976 m
    -1 °C
  • Alpincenter
    2,450 m
    -5 °C
  • Gipfel Restaurant
  • Alpincenter
  • Gletschermühle
  • Parasol
  • Skyline
  • Kitz 900 m
  • Ice Camp Snack Bar
  • Krefelderhütte
  • Häuslalm
  • Maisi Alm
  • Glocknerblick
  • Maiskogel Alm Ranch
  • Sauloch-Alm
  • Jausenstation Stangerbauer
  • Eisbär-Bar
  • Jausenstation Unteraigen
  • Unterbergalm
  • Christl´s Alm
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