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Saturday, 21.07.2018

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light rainfall

Safety Tips

The signposted route regulations are to be followed when riding the mountainbike trails. 
The routes range from technically difficult to used trails, which means that control over one´s bike and technical ability are required.

Apart from the joy of mountainbiking, one should not forget the dangers present in alpine terrain: an appeal for personal responsibility:

  • Mutual consideration between bikers and hikers
  • Give hikers the right of way on narrow paths.
  • Protect and respect plants and animals
  • Please do not leave any litter behind in Mother Nature
  • Avoid noise and unnecessary skid marks
  • Always expect to meet agricultural and forest motor vehicles
  • Only ride as fast as it is possible to stop at any time
  • Expect wild animals, domestic animals or livestock to be on the trails
  • Respect prohibitive signs and information boards
  • Only ride with technically sound bikes
  • Ride according to your ability and the condition of the trail
  • Don´t forget bad weather gear, tools and a reserve tube