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A paradise for bikers & hikers
Those who hike or ride the numerous picturesque trails and routes on the Kitzsteinhorn and Maiskogel in the Zell am See-Kaprun region experience unique nature and panorama bliss at the Hohe Tauern National Park border: From the valley over the Maiskogel to the highest point to be reachable via cable cars in the Salzburg province on the Kitzsteinhorn, nature lovers pass through four climate and vegetation zones.


The Kitzsteinhorn and Maiskogel have long enjoyed great popularity among bikers. From the highest access point at 2,450 meters, trails and routes lead all the way down to the Kaprun town center. And where a path leads down, there is also one that leads up – whether for particularly ambitious ones with pure muscle power, with the aid of an e-motor, or sectionally combined with panoramic cable car rides, where the bike is always allowed in the gondola free of charge. Either way, bikers experience picturesque landscapes of various vegetation zones from the valley all the way up to high-alpine terrain in this unique nature area at the Hohe Tauern National Park border.

MTB trails

The Kitzsteinhorn holds varied trail action for experienced mountain bikers, the Maiskogel moreover for trail beginners and families. Depending on snow conditions, three demanding trails are open on the Kitzsteinhorn from mid-June through mid-September, leading down from the high-alpine terrain over 12 kilometers and 2,000 vertical meters to the valley. All three trails require excellent bike control, great technical riding skills and appropriate gear. Those who want to head home with a clean bike use the wash points at the Kitzsteinhorn valley station and on the Langwied as well as at the Kaprun Center and the Station Stanger (MK Maiskogelbahn mid-station).

  • Geissstein Trail  ↔ 3.4 km  ↓ 492 Hm
    The Geissstein Trail starts at the Alpincenter. Over a length of 3.4 km, it descends 492 vm meters to the Langwied at 1,976 m. It has breathtaking views and features speed, berms and small jumps.
  • Wüstlau Trail  ↔ 6.5 km  ↓ 1,100 Hm
    The Wuestlau Trails starts at Langwied. After 6.5 km and 1,100 vm, it ends near the Kitzsteinhorn valley station. Seemingly untouched, the trails runs over alpine pastures and through the wood all the way down to the valley. The partially extremely challenging trail is packed with switchback turns, berms and rocks and tree roots.
  • Bachler Trail  ↔ 1.9 km  ↓ 413 Hm
    Starting at the Astenweg path, the Bachler Trail leads over 1.9 km and 413 vm near Lake Klamm. Enduro bikers will definitely get their money's worth on this almost untouched route. Eventually, the Kesselfall route leads back either to the Kitzsteinhorn valley station or the MK Maiskogelbahn top station.
  • Maiskogel Trail  ↔ 3.7 km  ↓ 381 Hm
    The ideal trail for beginners and families on the Maiskogel: The 3.7-km-long trail meanders down the Maiskogel over 381 vm to the Stanger station and features long and sharp berms, waves and small jumps.

Tip › Trail Workshops in the summer of 2024 on the Maiskogel

  • Kids Bike Day » Playfully learning the basics of trail riding (for kids aged 8 years and older)
  • Trail Tuesday » Professional bike training with focus on ideal downhill techniques for fun and safe rides on MTB trails

Bike tours

The Kitzsteinhorn and the Maiskogel offer sporty nature lovers a unique setting for picturesque bike tours, running from the fields and meadows in the valley they through colorful mixed and broadleaf forests over blooming pastures all the way up to the treeline. The seamless cable car network allows to combine the tours with panoramic rides. Bike transportation is included in the ticket and therefore free of charge. E-bikers find charging stations at the MK Maiskogelbahn top station on the Maiskogel at 1,570 meters as well as at the Gletscherjet 2 valley station on Langwied at 1,976 meters and at the Alpincenter on the Kitzsteinhorn at 2,450 meters.

  • Kitzsteinhorn-Uphill  ↔ 24.9 km  ↑ 2,179 Hm
    Particularly ambitious bikers start their uphill journey at the Kaprun Center. On 24.9 kilometers, they climb demanding 2,179 vertical meters to the Gletscherjet 3/4 mid-station on 2,617 meters. To shorten the tour, bikers take the MK Maiskogelbahn and/or the 3K K-onnection.
  • Maiskogel-Tour  ↔ 19.5 km  ↑ 880 Hm
    Those who want to ride the entire loop tour start the 19.5-kilometer-long trail by the Kaprun Center at the foot of the Maiskogel. 880 vertical meters run by quaint huts, blooming pastures and through mystic conifer forests.
  • 3K K-onnection-Tour  ↔ 10.4 km  ↑ 732 Hm
    The ride with one of world's most modern and energy-efficient cable cars, 3K K-onnection, lasts approx. 12 minutes and offers spectacular views of the high-alpine mountain world all the way down to the Zell valley. While the ride on the same-named tour takes a little longer by bike, it is certainly equally beautiful. After a relaxing ascent with the MK Maiskogelbahn, the 10.4-km-long route starts at the top station. Bikers reach the Langwiedboden on 1,976 meters after an elevation gain of 730 meters. The tour may also be done the other way round by taking first the Kesselfall route that runs by the picturesque Lake Klamm and leads back to the Kitzsteinhorn valley station. Here, the cable car brings both the biker and their bike to the Langwiedboden on 1,976 meters. Before setting off, it's time to enjoy the breathtaking view from up here.



With the MK Maiskogelbahn, big and little hikers comfortably reach the ideal access point to numerous trails and loop hikes. From here, the 3K K-onnection brings everyone directly to the Kitzsteinhorn. The panoramic ride offers a spectacular view of the snow-capped summits all the way down to the sparkling Lake Zell. A varied hiking paradise awaits on the Kitzsteinhorn.

Hiking trails

  • 5 › Alexander Enziger Weg  4 hrs.  ↔ 8.5 km  ↑ 1,000 vm
    Experienced hikers enter this demanding trail either at the Alpincenter or at the Häuslalm and follow it all the way to the Maiskogel. Narrow and exposed at times, it requires surefootedness and good weather. The path through stunning high-alpine mountain landscape gives spectacular views of the glaciated summit all the way down to the Zell valley. The MK Maiskogelbahn eventually brings everyone back down to the Kaprun town center.
  • 2D › Häuslalmweg  30 min.  ↔ 1.5 km  ↑ 40 vm
    The easy loop hike starts at the Häuslalm and leads through a beautiful natural landscape over hilly terrain with lush meadows of alpine roses, passes by an old shepherd’s ruin and along the Grubbach stream with crystal clear water back to the starting point. This path is perfect for families and features some resting spots.
  • 41A › Panoramaweg Gletscherblick  30 mMin.  ↔ 1.6 km  ↑ 100 vm
    This leisurely and beautiful loop hike starts at the Alpincenter and leads up to the glacier moraine with magnificent views of the Schmiedingerkees, glacier lake, Zefertgraben and Lake Zell. This short path leads over partly rocky terrain and requires sure footedness.
  • 41B › Wanderung Gletschersee  1 hr.  ↔ 1.6 km  ↑ 100 vm
    This loop hike first leads from the Alpincenter over the initial part of the 41A PANORAMAWEG GLETSCHERBLICK in high-alpine terrain over the moraine to the emerald-green glacier lake, past striations caused by glacial movement and crystal-clear streams, back to the Alpincenter.
  • 41C › Rundwanderung Rettenwand  1 hr. 15 min.  ↔ 2.3 km  ↑ 133 vm
    This loop hike starts at the Alpincenter and proceeds to interesting geological stone formations at the foot of the Tristinger and Rettenwand. From here, it continues from the vantage point at the Graswandkreuz (cross) over the 41A PANORAMAWEG GLETSCHERBLICK and back to the Alpincenter.
  • 25 › Maiskogel Hut Tour  1.5 hrs.  ↔ 4 km  ↑ 310 vm
    The MK Maiskogelbahn brings hikers from Kaprun up to the starting point of numerous tours and hiking trails. The Hut Tour starts directly at the top station and connects Maiskogel‘s traditional huts and pastures to create a leisurely loop hike for the whole family. The quaint huts invite hikers to rest and sample local delicacies. This flat path leads through mystical forests and offers astounding panoramic views.
  • 35 › Maiskogel through the forest  2 hrs.  ↔ 4.8 km  ↑ 780 vm
    At the Kaprun Center, walk through the old railroad tunnel and continue along Schaufelbergstrasse road until you reach the first bend. Keep straight on until you reach the Ortlehen farm, then turn right to the Vorderweissstein farm where the route turns off to the right. From here, a stony path leads left past the Almbahn valley station to the Maiskogel supply road. After approximately 200 m, the path branches off to the left, and after about 150 m leads to a narrow, not too steep path that ascends in windings through timber forests and small clearings to the Maiskogel track and then left to the Maiskogel Alm Ranch.

Tip › Hiking program in the summer of 2024


Restaurants & huts

  • Maisi Alm
    Adjacent to the Kaprun Center and the “Maisi Flitzer” alpine coaster, cozy and family-friendly, popular meeting point for young and old, traditional and international dishes, kids’ menu.
    TIP › Maiskogel Picnic » in the summer months – picnic basket for two filled with local delicacies, to be picked up from 9 a.m. at the Maisi Alm (pre-order necessary)
  • kitz900m
    Cozy cafe bar at the Kitzsteinhorn valley station featuring stylish alpine design
  • Restaurant Alpincenter
    Serviced restaurant with Austrian and international dishes and in-house bakery at 2,450 m, incl. the new Skyline Bar with modern-alpine design and floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows
  • Gipfel Restaurant
    Salzburg’s highest-situated restaurant at 3,029 m, self-service concept, floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows giving spectacular views of the Hohe Tauern National Park’s high-alpine mountain world
  • Managed huts
    Kitzsteinhorn: Krefelder Hütte, Häuslalm, Salzburger Hütte, Ederalm, Schneckenreith
    Maiskogel: Unterbergalm, Glocknerblick, Saulochalm, Maiskogel Alm Ranch, Stangerbauer, Zaglgut, Unteraigen