WINTER 2023/24

Winter sports from fall until early summer
The varied ski resort on and around the Kitzsteinhorn lies in the Zell am See-Kaprun region and directly borders the Hohe Tauern National Park. Its base is situated at the foot of the Maiskogel family mountain in Kaprun at 768 meters and reaches all the way up to Austria's first glacier ski resort on the Kitzsteinhorn at 3,029 meters. Here, enthusiasts of winter sports enjoy an extra-long ski season. Besides the complete range of winter sports, Kitzsteinhorn and Maiskogel have a lot more to offer: Salzburg's highest-situated attraction TOP OF SALZBURG on 3,029 meters, panoramic rides with the 3K K-onnection, one of world's most modern and energy-efficient cable cars, excellent restaurants with focus on local suppliers, a varied weekly winter program, exciting events and much more.

Winter sports

  • K-ONNECTION › Ski-in ski-out
    The 12-km-long cable car route K-ONNECTION joins the Kaprun town center via the Maiskogel family mountain directly to the Kitzsteinhorn glacier ski resort. That means for winter sports lovers: ski-in ski-out from 768 to 3,029 meters. There is no other continuous cable car route in the Eastern Alps that is longer and gains more elevation.
  • Skiing & snowboarding
    Kitzsteinhorn's wide glacier slopes are covered in natural snow, perfectly groomed and feature a spectacular high-alpine backdrop for skiing and snowboarding. 41 kilometers of slopes feature easy, intermediate and difficult/expert slopes to choose from. Further down, especially families and mellow-minded skiers enjoy the moderate slopes and closeness to town of the Maiskogel. Beginners make their first turns on the Lechnerberg in the Kaprun town center.
  • Freeriding
    The Kitzsteinhorn ranks among Austria's most popular freeride spots. Skiers and snowboarders ride fresh lines on five varied close-to-lift routes in the soft powder. The "Freeride Info Base" with an overview of all freeride routes, avalanche transceiver checkpoint, avalanche danger display and code of conduct for backcountry skiing at the Alpincenter on 2,450 meters, as well as the "Freeride Info Points" at each route's access point with details on the respective route's characteristics and tips on backcountry skiing are highly appreciated.
  • Snowparks
    The snowparks on the Kitzsteinhorn are world-class and impress freestylers with varied setups. The "Glacier Park" on the glacier plateau at 2,900 meters provides first features already in fall. When it closes in December, the "Easy Park" at 2,600 meters opens. The "Central Park" and "South Central Park" offer numerous features from approx. February through April.
  • Superpipe
    In fall, the perfectly shaped superpipe built by Olympia shaper Alli Zehetner attracts the elite of halfpipe riders to the proximity of the Sonnenkarbahn cable car on the Kitzsteinhorn. Legendary names of the international freestyle scene use the mighty halfpipe with its up to 6.5-m-high walls to train for their upcoming competitions at the annual "Pipe Training Weeks" in November. During the event, riders book exclusive training slots before the pipe opens for everyone.
  • Ski touring
    There are two marked routes for ski tourers that run next to the slope on the Kitzsteinhorn, starting at the Langwied area: The "Schneekönigin" (snow queen) is a moderate tour to the Alpincenter on 2,450 meters and covers 474 vertical meters. Up to this point, the "Eisbrecher" (ice breaker) runs parallel to the "Schneekönigin" to then continue up to the Mauererlift's top station on 2,875 meters. In sum, ski tourers with great stamina cover 899 vertical meters. There is also a route on the Maiskogel that starts at the Maiskogel parking lot and leads up either to the Almbahn top station on 1,733 meters or the 3K K-onnection valley station on 1,570 meters.
  • Fun slopes & competitions
    Black Mamba: Those who want to conquer her, love steep riding: Having a gradient of up to 63%, the "Black Mamba" is Kitzsteinhorn's blackest slope.
    Eagle Line: The fun slope for aspiring freestylers who want to approach different terrain forms: The course is packed with waves, berms and other alternating features. Advanced riders will have loads of fun here, too, while whizzing through the air and feeling the centrifugal forces in the berms. Tip "Maisi Line": Kids can romp around on this wave track at the Maiskogel. Checking what has been accomplished at the end of the ski day: The free Skiline app makes that possible. It tracks vertical meters, cable car rides and kilometers of slopes and displays the data as a diagram. Moreover, the app records the speed checks at the Kristallbahn top station and at the Maiskogel as well as a ski movie of the giant slalom track by the Kitzlifte. There is also the Kitzsteinhorn K-ONNECTION CUP with seven exciting competitions each winter. Those who master four out of seven challenges can win special prizes.

Off the slope

  • TOP OF SALZBURG › the high-alpine adventure world
    On 3,029 meters, the Kitzsteinhorn summit is within arm's reach. It's here where Salzburg's highest-situated attraction is located: TOP OF SALZBURG (Gipfelwelt 3000) is open year-round and directly borders the Hohe Tauern National Park, Alps' largest nature reserve. It’s the highest point in the state of Salzburg to be reachable via cable cars.
    Those who stand on the two panoramic platforms "TOP OF SALZBURG" and "Nationalpark Gallery", enjoy a breathtaking view of a seemingly endless ocean of white summits and karstic rocks all the way down to the Zell valley. The "Cinema 3000", Austria's highest-situated cinema, shows the movie "Kitzsteinhorn – THE NATURE". Viewers dive in the fascinating flora and fauna of the Hohe Tauern in front of the 8-m-broad screen. One floor below, a glazed sliding door outlines a dark hallway. The "National Park Gallery", a 360-m-long info tunnel, runs directly through the Kitzsteinhorn, providing a mystical experience for all senses. Six info stations on the way disclose all kinds of interesting facts: How do mountain crystals form? What's permafrost? How was the summit station built in this great height? and much more. At the end of the tunnel, the spectacular view from the same-named panoramic platform provides a sharp contrast to the magical world inside the Kitzsteinhorn. From here, the summit the Grossglockner, Austria's highest mountain, is also visible.
  • 3K K-onnection › breathtaking views
    The way to TOP OF SALZBURG features an unforgettable highlight: the ride with the 3K K-onnection – one of world's most modern and energy-efficient cable cars. Nature lovers enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding high-alpine mountain world all the way down to Lake Zell.
  • Guided ranger tours
    On the Kitzsteinhorn Explorer Tour, a Hohe Tauern National Park ranger guides guests via cable cars from the Kaprun town center through four climate zones to TOP OF SALZBURG on 3,029 meters. The way holds compelling stories about and fascinating insights into the flora and fauna on the Kitzsteinhorn as well as a ride with the 3K K-onnection. Special explorer gondolas give a crystal clear panoramic view of the spectacular high-alpine landscape.
    The following National Park Gallery Tour leads through all TOP OF SALZBURG attractions, with focus on the 360-m-long info tunnel in the Kitzsteinhorn – a mystical experience for all senses. At six info stations, the ranger narrates how mountain crystals form, what permafrost is and much more.
  • ICE CAMP presented by Audi
    On 2,600 meters, ice and snow form a fantastic work of art. From approximately mid-January through mid-April, the wintry landscape on the Kitzsteinhorn features three igloos. They house a scene that meets the zeitgeist. Ice sculptures, light installation and sounds narrate a new story and carry to another world year after year. It's an experience for all senses that delights visitors each time. The building material for the ICE CAMP comes from the surrounding nature, and as soon as temperatures start to rise in spring, nature takes back what belongs to her. Besides an Audi showroom there is also a sun deck with bar, loungers and lounge music with a view of the Kitzsteinhorn summit.
  • Maisi Flitzer
    The Maisi Flitzer alpine coaster on the Maiskogel family mountain makes little and big hearts leap with joy all year round. At the end of a beautiful glacier ski day, for instance, it provides an extra-fun descent over bridges, waves and turns.

Weekly winter program 2022/23*

  • Monday
    Freeride Monday
    Dec. 4, 2023 to April 22, 2024
    Diving in the freeride world as a newbie or refining the existing technique as an advanced rider with winter sports pros; for skiers and snowboarders aged 13 and older
  • Tuesday
    Kitzsteinhorn Explorer Tour Dec. 26, 2023 to April 2, 2024
    On Kitzsteinhorn expedition with a National Park ranger – from 768 to TOP OF SALZBURG on 3,029 meters, spectacular panoramic ride with the 3K K-onnection included
    National Park Gallery Tour Dec. 26, 2023 to April 2, 2024
    Discovering all TOP OF SALZBURG attractions, diving in the mystical world inside the Kitzsteinhorn and learning exciting things about the Hohe Tauern with a National Park ranger
  • Wednesday
    Guided Snowshoe Hike Jan. 17 to April 10, 2024
    After a short introduction to snowshoe hiking, walking from the Alpincenter over the ICE CAMP Trail to the legendary ICE CAMP presented by Audi
  • Thursday
    Ski Touring Thursday Dec. 28, 2023 to April 25, 2024
    Ascending to the Tristkogel (2,642 m) with a state-certified mountain guide, off the slopes, amid untouched nature

Event highlights winter 2023/24*

  • SnowTime Nov. 3 to 5, 2023
    The first weekend in November holds numerous exciting events both on the mountain and in the valley – from the Freeride Filmfestival over the SnowTime Expert Talk with guest of honor to a free ski and snowboard test, the "Kitzsteinhorn SnowTime Cup" vertical meters competition and much more.
  • Bergwelten Skitouren-Testival Nov. 24 to 26, 2023
    Ski touring fans can participate in guided ski tours with Naturfreunde mountain guides as well as test the new season's ski touring gear free of charge. Moreover, a professional product training takes place and participates can update their avalanche know-how on the avalanche transceiver training area.
  • HOCHGENUSS › Mar. 15, 2024
    An extraordinary culinary evening in Salzburg’s highest-situated restaurant with spectacular high-alpine backdrop on 3,029 meters: This exclusive event on the Kitzsteinhorn takes place every year as part of the "Culinary Ski Days by falstaff" and impresses with top-notch gourmet cuisine accompanied by select wine.
  • World Rookie Tour Finals March 17 to 22, 2024
    National and international snowboard rookies fight for the "World Rookie Champion" title in slopestyle and halfpipe.
  • X OVER RIDE March 23, 2024
    The 3* Freeride Qualifier Event: Participants fight for valuable points for the Freeride World Qualifier ranking. That attracts numerous national and international top riders on the glacier ski resort Kitzsteinhorn, for world's most significant freeride tour is about collecting points for the overall ranking as well as winning the prize money.
  • A&G Masters Apr. 16 to 21, 2024
    Snowboarders of all countries and of all ages compete in the freestyle disciplines Halfpipe, Slopestyle and Big Air at the Austrian & German Masters.
  • Glacier Spring Festival Apr. 27 to 28, 2024
    Fine firn on wide glacier slopes, free ski test, relaxing atmosphere with live music on the sun terrace and culinary highlights – the legendary Kitzsteinhorn Glacier Spring Festival provides the ideal setting for closing a successful winter season on the Kitzsteinhorn and introducing the glacier spring with sun skiing until late May.

* Subject to change

Overview – Winter 2023/24 on the Kitzsteinhorn & Maiskogel

The ski resort Kitzsteinhorn – Maiskogel – Lechnerberg

  • Elevation: 768 to 3.029 meters
  • Extra-long ski season in the glacier ski resort
  • 24 cabe cars & ski lifts
  • 62.5 kilometers of slopes
  • K-ONNECTION: ski-in ski-out from the Kaprun town center all the way up to the glacier ski resort on 3,029 m
  • 8 restaurants & bars from the valley station on 768 m up to Salzburg's highest-situated restaurant on 3,029 m
  • ALPIN CARD Ticket Alliance: enjoying up to 408 kilometers of slopes and 122 cable cars and ski lifts in the three premium ski resorts Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn, Schmittenhöhe in Zell am See and Kitzsteinhorn Kaprun with the Ski ALPIN CARDs

Winter sports variety

  • Freeride: 5 freeride routes, Info Base & Info Points
    ⇢ "Freeride Monday": freeride workshops for beginners and advanced riders
  • Ski touring: 3 ski touring routes
    ⇢ "Ski Touring Thursday": guided ski tour with mountain guide to the Tristkogel (2,642 m)
  • Freestyle: 4 snow parks & 1 superpipe
  • "Guided Snowshoe Hike": to the ICE CAMP presented by Audi
  • Black Mamba: black slope with a gradient of up to 63%
  • Eagle Line: fun slope with berms, waves and jumps
  • vertical meter profile, speed checks, skimovie track
  • K-ONNECTION CUP: mastering four out of seven Skiline challenges and winning (Jan. to Mar. 2024)

Off-slope offer

  • TOP OF SALZBURG: high-alpine adventure world on 3,029 m at the Hohe Tauern National Park border
    ⇢ open year-round, reachable via cable cars
    ⇢ Panoramic platforms "TOP OF SALZBURG" & "National Park Gallery" at eye level with 3,000ers
    ⇢ Cinema 3000: Austria's highest-situated cinema with spectacular movie "Kitzsteinhorn – THE NATURE"
    ⇢ Nationalpark Gallery: 360-m-long into tunnel through the Kitzsteinhorn with six info stations and panoramic platform
  • National Park ranger tours: on Tuesdays
  • ICE CAMP presented by Audi: artfully designed igloo world made of ice & snow with sun deck
  • Maisi Flitzer: year-round-open Alpine Coaster on the Maiskogel (access point in the Kaprun town center)
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