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Kitzsteinhorn Development
historic steps

Foundation of the Gletscherbahnen Kaprun AG – Ing. Wilhelm Fazokas, Kaprun mayor and plant manager of the Tauernkraftwerke, is the initiator and motor of the visionary project to develop a Summer skiing area on the Kitzsteinhorn.
First glacial skiing area in Austria opens on the Kitzsteinhorn. A cable car – in two sections, up to the Alpincenter – brings the first skiers to the Kitzsteinhorn on 12th December 1965.

Opening of the Berghaus alpine guest house (2.450 m).
Opening of the third cable car section, taking guests from the Alpincenter to the summit station at 3.029 m, for the first time on 26th November.
The first glacial ski lift, the „Maurergletscherlift“ (Maurer glacier lift), is designed together with the Family Doppelmayr and opens on the Schmiedingerkees.
 1968 Salzburg´s highest restaurant, the Gipfelhaus, welcomes its first guests at 3.029 m above sea level.
 1969 Opening of the Schmiedinger glacial lift.
The new double chairlift, the „Schmiedinger-Gratbahn“ increases comfort and service.
The glacier can also be reached by hikers through the „Hanna Stollen“, a 360 Meter long tunnel from the top station, on the south side of the mountain.
The Gletscherbahnen Kaprun on the Kitzsteinhorn also reaches new milestones in the gastronomy, with the opening of a self-service and a serviced restaurant, the „Alpincenter“.
The opening of the first alpine tunnel train GBK2, from the valley to the Alpincenter and independent of weather conditions, means an increase in transport capacity - to 1.500 guests per hour.
The construction of the Krefelderhütte lift by the Gletscherbahnen Kaprun also develops the central alpine section of the Kitzsteinhorn.
Expansion of the Gipfelbahn (Summit Lift) and Gipfelstation (Summit Station): raising the height of tower 7 to 113,6 Meters (still one of the highest cable car towers in the world today), new larger cable car cabins (60 instead of 36 persons) and construction of the second floor of the Gipfelstation.
The world wide success story of live panorama cameras starts on the Kitzsteinhorn: a panorama camera sends the first live pictures from the glacier.
 1987 The „Sonnenkarbahn“ double chairlift opens up the Sonnenkar.
The new Magnetköpfl lift on the glacier plateau provides an all year round beginners area on the Kitzsteinhorn with a snow guarantee.

There is a new service area in the valley station, with new cash desks and a cafeteria.
The „Gletscher Shuttle“ joins the Gipfelstation to the glacier plateau – the new funicular guarantees reaching the glacier in comfort all year through.

With the engageable four-seater chairlift, „Langwiedbahn“ , the mid alpine terrain of the Langwied and a popular freeride area are accessed.

The central glacial area is further accessed with the „Keeslift“.

Opening of the first Funpark for the „young wild ones“.
 1991 The „Panoramabahn“ (gondola cabins for 8 persons) replaces the cable car GBK1 built in 1965.
The new „Gratbahn“ (engageable four-seater chairlift with weather hoods) replaces the „Schmiedingergratbahn“ built in 1970.
 1993 An umbrella bar is erected in place of the Berghaus.
The „Gletschermühle“ serviced restaurant opens in February.

The first FIS-Snowboard World Cup race, worldwide, is held on the Kitzsteinhorn.
 1997 New pistes open up with the 6-seater Sonnenkarbahn.
With the articial snow facility „Kitzsteinhorn I“, the piste from Langwied to the Alpincenter is artificially snow-covered for the first time.
The Alpincenter, built in 1972 is rebuilt into a modern gastronomy (self serve restaurant, Skyline Bar) und service center.

11th November 2000: catastrophic fire in the tunnel train GBK2. Worldwide grief for the 155 victims; the accident shattered Kaprun and the company.
The orbital double cable lift „Gletscherjet 1“ opens on 23.12 - capable of transporting 2660 persons per hour.
A second orbital single cable lift, the „Gletscherjet 2“ (3440 pers./h) also goes into operation, up to the Alpincenter.

The artificial snow facility „Kitzsteinhorn II“ covers the terrain up to the edge of the glacier with artificial snow for the first time.
The glacier plateau opens for the first time in Summer for non-skiers to have fun sliding in summer snow.
 2004 11.11.: A memorial site for the victims of the funicular fire opens.
Start of the gastronomic HOCHGENUSS series – top chefs cook on specific dates on the Kitzsteinhorn.
Glacier Park, Easy Park and Central Park – with three snowparks, the Kitzsteinhorn is one of the biggest freestyle centers in the Alps.

July and August: premiere of the ICE ARENA on the glacier plateau.
The engageable 6-seater chairlift „Kristallbahn“ opens up a new wind and weather protected piste area.
The first ICE CAMP opens at the beginning of January. Every year, artists build a new igloo landscape completely out of ice and snow.
 2009 Extended artificial snow facilities and the „Gletschersee II“ pump station increase the amount of articial snow made.

Intense collaboration with the Salzburg Institute for Ecologie begins. The Institute then accompanies all planning and construction works – as well as recultivating measures and high alpine greening.
 2010 The Gipfelstation from 1966 is renoviert and with the „Gipfelwelt 3000“ (Panorama Platform „Top of Salzburg“, Cinema 3000), a new high alpine adventure world is created – a new all year round proposition and a second commercial leg for the Gletscherbahnen to stand on, apart from glacier skiing.

Gipfel Restaurant renovations.

Freeride XXL – Safety first! A trend-setting alpine freeride terrain is created with 5 freeride routes and an information system.

ISO certification according to ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management) for all facets of the company – the first cable car company in Austria with this certification.
 2011 The Gletscherbahnen Kaprun wins the „pro natura – pro ski“ award at the XI. Alpenkonferenz in Liechtenstein. This highly valued award is given every second year to a skiing area for ecologically orientated management, innovative strength and lasting action.
Expansion of the Kitzsteinhorn Snowpark, with a 160 meter long superpipe.
The Gipfelwelt 3000 with its „Nationalpark Gallery“ (360 m long tunnel with 5 Info stations and an unique Panorama-Platform right on the border to the Nationalpark Hohe Tauern) is extended in collaboration with the Hohe Tauern Nationalpark.

„Snow in Winter, electricity in Summer“ – Extension of the artificial snow-making facilities and activation of the small „Grubbach“ power plant, which works as the pump in Winter for the snow-making facilities and is used as a small electricity station in Summer.

Until Summer 2011 maintenance of the snow fields was only possible with cable cars – now the Langwiedboden is accessible by road („Astenweg“) for the first time.
 2012 A partnership contract is drawn up with the Nationalpark Hohe Tauern due to the successful cooperation with the Gipfelwelt 3000.

Three close-to-nature mountainbike freeride trails are created on already existing paths – with a sensational altitude difference of 1.500 meters and length of 12 kilometers.
 2013 The Alpincenter (2.450 m) is accessible by road, over the Krefelderweg, for the first time – making supply and disposal, as well as building projects, so much easier.

New on the Langwied: an up to 63 % steep piste 14 - the „Black Mamba“!
 2014 The start of Gletscherjet 3 + 4 construction in April. The new lift axis from the Alpincenter to nearly 3.000 meters above sea level.

New opening in October, of the renovated and enlarged Gletschermühle Restaurant.
Opening of both ski touring routes - the „Schneekönigin“ (Snow Queen) and „Eisbrecher“ (Icebreaker).
2015 From May: second construction period of the Gletscherjet 3 + 4, relocation of the Kitz lifts and the Magnetköpfl lift, removal of the Kees lift, construction of the new Schneehasen lift (Snow Bunny lift).
17 October 2015: Start of operation Gletscherjet 3+4
12 December 2015: official opening of the Gletscherjet 3 + 4 and 50 year jubilee of the Gletscherbahnen Kaprun AG.